Santa’s Last Christmas

Santa Clause’s Last Christmas

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Yes, the holidays is the most wonderful time of the year. I’ve been enjoying the past eight years of my son’s life in his belief of the magic of elves, Santa Clause, flying reindeer and the all-important “Naughty or Nice” list. But this year may be our last Christmas where he will look forward to leaving cookies and milk for Santa, going to bed early and writing a X’mas list filled with longed for toys.

It’s been such a fun and wonderful bubble of childhood that I can’t believe I would ever arrive here as a mother, where you realize your child is growing up, and parts of his/her innocence and wonder are slowly falling away. First you notice the change from innocent cartoons from PBS or Disney to a more developed distinct sense humor (as with boys, something about bathroom humor holds their fascination). Then you see the need for your child to exert his independence in wanting to do things without your assistance or help. This year has been part of those changes.

Christmas is around the corner, and I’ve noticed the rise in questions from my son on why some kids at school are saying Santa Clause isn’t real? I’ve been able to ward off the answers without making my son’s classmates sound like liars. But, I know it’s coming. The time where he realizes it’s his mom and dad that make the magic and not someone who lives at the top of the world with flying reindeer.

I cherish these moments and memories and I accept my son is growing up. In place of this being the last Christmas in believing in Santa, I know my son will continue to look forward to the holidays every year with family and loved ones. His transition in losing the belief of Santa Clause will be seamless as nature changes seasons each year. It happens so naturally that you won’t see it immediately until you wake up and see the flower has already blossomed, that all the leaves on a tree have changed color, or snow melting away. I never said I wouldn’t be sad about seeing the magic of Santa Clause disappear, but I’m okay with it. Santa hasn’t gone away yet, but I know it’s coming. I believe the real gift that Santa brings long after he, the elves and his reindeer are gone, is the magic of Christmas itself. It is what my son will continue to hold true in his heart and what will make Christmas always special for him.